Laptops Can Seriously Affect Your Sperm Quality


Males using laptops on their own laps will probably experience scrotal hyperthermia – elevated temps within their testicles – which could considerably affect the caliber of their sperm, and therefore their fertility, US researchers report within the medical journal Fertility and Sterility. The authors include that even when they safeguard their laps having a lap pad, scrotal hyperthermia still happens. The only method men will surely safeguard his fertility when utilizing a laptop is as simple as placing it on the desk, utilizing it with legs apart while using the a lap pad without more than 28 minutes, or while using laptop on his lap with knees together for very short periods.

Yelim Sheynkin, M.D. (urologist) and team in the Condition College of recent You are able to at Stony Brook attempted to evaluate preventing scrotal hyperthermia among male laptop customers. Their study involved 29 health male volunteers.

The researchers measured the temps from the right and left side from the nut sack, along with the laptop and lap pad during three separate 60-minute sessions – all of the participants were utilizing a laptop within the following ways:

  • Sitting with their knees together (approximated legs) and the laptop on their laps
  • Sitting with their knees together, laptop on lap, and with lap pad between their laptops and their laps
  • Sitting with their legs apart at a 70° angle, laptop on lap, and with lap pad between their laptops and their laps

Their goal ended up being to measure any increase in scrotal temps.

The authors authored that scrotal temps increased significantly, regardless of the positioning of the legs and whether they used a lap pad.

Scrotal temperature did increase less and also the rise happened later once the men had their legs apart in a 70° position. However, even so, the increase in scrotal temperature was reason to be concerned.

Below are the highlighted results:

  • Knees together, laptop on lap (no lap pad)
    Scrotal temperature rise – left side from 0.96C to 2.31C, right side from 0.91C to 2.56C.
    The scrotum started rising in temperature within 11 minutes.
  • Knees together, laptop on lap, using lap pad
    Scrotal temperature rise – left side from 0.69C to 2.18C, right side from 0.72C to 2.06C.
    The scrotum started rising in temperature within 14 minutes.
  • Legs apart, laptop on lap, using lap pad
    Scrotal temperature rise – left side from 0.66C to 1.41C, right side from 0.62C to 1.47C.
    The scrotum started rising in temperature within 28 minutes.

The authors wrote in conclusion:

Sitting position with closely approximated legs is the major cause of scrotal hyperthermia. Scrotal shielding with a lap pad does not protect from scrotal temperature elevation. Prevention of scrotal hyperthermia in LC users presently is not feasible. However, scrotal hyperthermia may be reduced by a modified sitting position (legs apart) and significantly shorter use of LC.

“Protection from scrotal hyperthermia in laptop computer users”

Yefim Sheynkin, M.D., Robert Welliver, M.D., Andrew Winer, M.D., Farshid Hajimirzaee, M.D., Hongshik Ahn, Ph.D., Kyewon Lee, M.S.
Fertility and Sterility – 08 November 2010 (10.1016/j.fertnstert.2010.10.013)


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