Apricot Seed items At High Doses Might Be Fatal


Apricot seed products are taken by a lot of like a cancer treatment because they contain high doses of Vitamin B17, an defense mechanisms enhancer. However, apricot seed products also contain cyanide, a poison.

The Meals Standards Agency (United kingdom) has advised individuals to take a maximum of two bitter apricot popcorn kernels each day. Greater doses might be harmful for human health.

Based on the Food Standards Agency (FSA), it’s received reviews from parts around the globe of individuals overdosing with apricot seed products.

A United kingdom store, Julian Grey, was selling 10 seed products each day doses of apricot seed products. The store states it’ll re-sell them at not this type of high dose (the current dose isn’t longer for purchase).

There’s debate about apricot seed products and also the claims made about this like a cancer cure. At Medical News Today we’ve had 100s of letters from patients about this subject. Many people express it is wonderful while some express it built them into feel worse.


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